10 years and going strong

Posted on 11.11.2011 by Rik

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November 2011 marked a significant anniversary for Abel Software and our partnership with Australian Linen Supply (ALS). It is now 10 years since Abel was first installed in ALS and although it is really hard to believe it’s been 10 years, as the saying goes… time flies when you’re having fun! So given the occasion I thought I’d write a little something about Australian Linen Supply, and of course how Abel fits in.

ALS has been in business for over 40 years. Their core business is supplying textile, manchester and consumable products to the hospitality and healthcare industries. Another significant part of their business is producing custom designed door mats and emblems for uniforms.

Their head office which sits alongside their warehouse and distribution centre is in Sydney’s south-west and they have additional sales offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. The business incorporates three brands, Bev Martin Textiles, Confident Care Products and of course Australian Linen Supply.

Product is primarily imported from China, Pakistan, India, and Cambodia. The volumes are enormous with some 20 to 25 shipping containers processed every month. Abel handles every step of their business including;

  • Ordering
  • Inbound shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Financials
  • CRM

I was recently in Sydney to upgrade ALS to Abel 5.0 and there was plenty of new functionality to showcase including;

  • Financial dashboards
  • Export to SQL
  • Audit logging extensions
  • Navigation to google maps
  • Quick launch to create emails
  • Batch print and/or emailing statements/invoices
  • Customisable navigation buttons
  • System email queue
  • CRM enhancements
  • Campaign building extensions
  • Ability to reassign tasks
  • Contact lists

To Peter, George and the rest of the team at ALS, thank you. We look forward to another successful 10 years.