Abel Customer SHOTT Beverages Opens New Auckland Plant …

Posted on 20.08.2021 by Jane

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Kiwi company SHOTT Beverages reached a major milestone with the opening of their new factory in Auckland this week. As ERP providers to SHOTT, we were proud to attend their Grand Opening.

The new factory is based in Massey, Auckland. A location chosen for its proximity to fruit growers that supply ingredients for SHOTT’s quality fruit concentrates. Using local suppliers reflects their ethos to maintain a sustainable supply chain. The Massey plant has 300 percent more capacity than SHOTT’s Wellington factory. This will enable them to service a growing international market. The new Auckland factory will manufacture syrups for their South Korean, European and new US markets.

Reaching this milestone has faced its challenges. The pandemic has caused delays with plant and equipment coming from China and from Germany. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was due to officiate at the opening, but unfortunately was called away as New Zealand registered its first Covid-19 community case in more than six months.

SHOTT CEO David Shearer speaking at the opening

SHOTT Beverages have been an Abel customer since June 2019 and we’re always pleased to see our customers grow and succeed.

Jane Mattsen, Business Manager & Executive Director, Abel Software Limited.