Abel ERP’s Financial Sequence Reporting

Posted on 13.10.2021 by Rik

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Having up-to-date financial data at your fingertips is vital to the timely management of any business.  In Abel, quantity and value related Transactions are posted immediately to the G/L, so reports and enquiries provide a real-time view.  Abel’s financial sequence reports are highly configurable and can be structured in different ways to suit most businesses’ needs.  The sequence allows for sections of the G/L to be grouped and organised to suit particular managers’ areas of responsibility.

The Financial Sequence reports can be scheduled, run on demand from Abel’s report favorites button and viewed on screen in an enquiry format.  The enquiry format enables you to drill down to the detail within the accounts for further analysis.

Financial Sequence Reporting

Multiple sequence reports can be configured for different reporting purposes. Abel’s Report Sequence Maintenance screen enables you to control the sequence, grouping and totals of account codes on financial reports such as P&L and Balance Sheet reports. You can maintain multiple sequences for different purposes, and then select the required sequence when you run a report:

  1. Select a sequence to work with
  2. Define the account codes that are in each detail line
  3. Specify which total the details accumulate to
  4. Insert some formatting e.g. Underline and page break
  5. Example report output for the sequence shown – report layouts are defined in the Abel Report Builder.

Financial Sequence Enquiry Screen

The Financial Sequence Enquiry Screen displays the same output as the Account Sequence Reports, with extra tabs that enable you to drill down to the detail. Tab 1 is equivalent to the printed report, Tab 2 shows the account(s) that make up a selected figure and Tab 3 shows the posts within the selected account:

  1. Select the Report Sequence and other filters
  2. Abel displays the Report Output, equivalent to the printed report. Double-click a figure
  3. Abel displays the Account(s) that make up the selected figure. Double-click a line
  4. Abel displays the Posts for the selected Account
  5. The sum of the Postings is shown at the bottom of Tab3

That was a quick look at Abel’s Financial Sequence Reporting. To find out more about Abel ERP and how it can help your business, please contact us.

Until next time.