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Posted on 14.10.2019 by Rik

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Emails are a key part of conducting business so it’s important to capture them into your ERP system. Abel’s Email Interface enables you to import emails from Microsoft® Outlook® and store them in Abel. You can attach email to different objects in Abel including prospects, opportunities, customers, suppliers, inventory or other object types.


  • Store emails in their relevant context in Abel.
  • View stored emails from within Abel’s communications function.
  • Staff with access can see stored emails for continuity and better management of the business relationships.
  • Reply from within Abel. Replies are automatically stored in Abel and the ‘sender’ will be the Outlook account that received the original inbound email.

How Does it Work?

Select the Abel tab In Microsoft Outlook, then select one or more emails and follow the prompts to export them to Abel.

Image shows Abel tab in Microsoft Outlook for Abel's Email Interface
Abel Tab in Microsoft Outlook

You can then manage imported emails from within Abel – Reply, Forward, etc. That way, your replies are automatically stored in Abel too. Emails are stored in Abel along with other communications (Messages, Tasks and Notes). You can filter for emails and see which emails were imported v sent.

image shows viewing email communications for a client in Abel using the Abel Email Interface
Viewing Email Communications for a Client in Abel

The email interface is useful throughout Abel, and especially with Abel’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) functionality. You can read more about Abel CRM on our CRM page.

At Abel, of course, we use our own Abel ERP software for running our business. Jane, our Business Manager, loves Abel’s Email Interface. Jane says:

“I deal with Abel’s Customers, Suppliers and Partners. Keeping tabs on all correspondence is easy using Abel’s Email Interface, and everybody in the organization can get the ‘full picture’ of our email conversations with our customers at any time.”

Jane Mattsen, Business Manger

To find out more about Abel ERP and how it can help your business, please contact us.

Until next time, Rik.

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