Abel ERP – Versatile Manufacturing Processes

Posted on 18.02.2020 by Rik

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A key strength of Abel ERP is the versatility of its manufacturing processes. Abel’s six core manufacturing styles can be configured in different ways to meet different operational requirements.

Manufacturing Order

Manufacturing Orders are for standard “make to order” or “make for stock” processes. Manufacturing Orders enable you to track costs, work centers, machine time etc. They may have a Bill of Materials or they can be built manually.

External Manufacturing Order

External Manufacturing Orders are for outsourcing steps in your manufacturing process e.g. specialist coating or cutting. External Manufactures can be configured consume your own stock or the external manufacturers stock. They can track service charges and raw materials to be sent and they can also be scheduled.

Jobs Order

Jobs Orders are for repairs and maintenance or other work where the parts and labor costs cannot be predicted in advance. For example, engine re-conditioning or equipment repairs.

Jobs Orders are also useful for Phased work providing flexible, phased invoicing.

Production Order

Production Orders are used in processes that produce multiple end products from a single input. Some examples:

  • Make a batch of unpackaged product (such as food or pharmaceuticals), then package it to produce one or more end products. For example, with different labels or packaging to suit different countries’ requirements.
  • Consume a raw material (such as a sheet of metal or a quantity of primary produce) and process it to make multiple end products. The yield of each end product may vary from one run to the next because of variations in the raw material or variations in the mix of end products being made.

Shop Order

Shop Orders provide a high-level structure that groups related manufacture or assembly processes together for efficient management. Shop Orders can build multiple manufacturing documents or pick documents at once. They can also split large orders into “lots” according to the lot size that your plant or equipment can handle.

Make Order

Make Orders are Abel’s simplest manufacturing process. They suit simple assemblies and simple manufactures that have no Bills of Materials. e.g. making tablecloths. Make Orders do not use scheduling and they do not track machine time.

With a variety of techniques to choose from, we can configure solutions that suit a variety of requirements. Check out our case studies to read about the different ways our Customers use Abel’s manufacturing capability. To find out more about Abel ERP and how it can help your business, please contact us.

Until next time.