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Posted on 01.07.2021 by Rik

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Customer Contracts are for purchase-to-sell workflows that have pre-set prices and time-phased delivery. For example, a contract to supply plumbing fixtures for a construction project. It’s a process that’s often managed on spreadsheets outside of the core business systems. There’s an element of risk with manual maintenance and also there can be difficulties with information sharing.

Abel’s Customer Contract process enables quoted prices to apply to multiple customer orders delivered in stages. The Contract document sets the prices for the agreed supplies. The goods are delivered and invoiced in stages.

Customer Contract Document

This example shows a Customer Contract document.

  1. The Customer Contract can be formatted to suit the printed contract and the same inventory item can appear multiple times.
  2. Despatches are tracked at the line level so you can see which lines have been despatched
  3. Abel provides visibility of related documents (quotes, orders, despatches and invoices).

Creating a Customer Order that’s part of a Contract

To create a Customer Order for a contract, select items from the contract to include on the customer order.

View Contract Lines – Other Features

This example shows additional features.

  1. The title bar shows the number of lines in the contract and the number currently selected.
  2. The quantity columns show the contracted quantity, the drawdown and the remaining.
  3. Color coding helps you see the status of each item:
    Green – has quantity remaining, White – has no quantity remaining, Red – is overdrawn.

That was a quick look at Abel’s Customer Contracts for managing purchase-to-sell contracts.

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