Manage Related Manufactures with Abel ERP

Posted on 03.12.2019 by Rik

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Abel’s Shop Orders provide a group view of related manufactures. Shop orders complement Abel’s scheduling functionality, making it easier to manage multiple manufactures to meet the customer’s required date.

You can configure selected inventory items to create shop orders automatically when you post a customer order. Then use the Shop Orders screen to:

  1. Build the individual manufacturing documents (Build Plant button)
  2. View the schedule for the related manufactures (Schedule button)
  3. Build Picking Orders for selected or all manufactures and sub-manufactures (click Build Picks)
  4. View an individual manufacture (select and double click)
Image shows a simple shop order containing related manufactures
Example of a simple shop order

That was a quick introduction to Shop Orders. Read more about manufacturing with Abel ERP. To find out more about Abel ERP and how it can help your business, please contact us.

Until next time.