Abel ERP – Quality Test and Re-Grade your Product

Posted on 26.07.2022 by Rik

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Some operations have different grades of a product with different inventory codes, such as, Manuka Honey or Milk Powder. Individual batches of these products might need re-grading to a different inventory code depending on laboratory test results.

In Abel, re-grading is one of the uses for our simplest manufacturing process, the MAKE:

  • The re-grading process starts with the batch register screen, a list of batches configured to show key test results and country of eligibility data
  • Batches may require re-grading to a different product code based on lab test results
  • The MAKE moves the batch from one inventory code to another
  • Often the pricing needs to change when the batch shifts to a new inventory code
  • The MAKE also moves the batch’s test results and country of eligibility data, so the full test result history and other batch-related data stays with the batch when it moves to a new inventory code.

In the Batch Register screen:

  1. Select a batch and click Build MAKE
  2. Abel opens the Convert Inventory popup
  3. Enter the new inventory code and the quantity to convert
  4. Click OK

Make Orders are one of Abel’s six core manufacturing styles that can be configured in different ways to meet different needs.

The Re-Grade process is just one of the ways that Abel supports Manufacturing Quality Processes. To find out more about Abel’s features and how they can help your business, please contact us.

Until next time.