Abel ERP – Queue Points in Manufacturing Scheduling

Posted on 10.01.2020 by Rik

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Queue Points in Abel ERP’s scheduling synchronize disparate activities to a point you define in the parent Bill of Materials (BOM). For example, you can use Queue Points to identify the same kind of external manufacture within several sub-BOMs and co-ordinate them to finish together at a point defined on the parent BOM.

Benefits of Queue Points

  • Queue Points help you schedule complex manufactures more efficiently. They enable you to synchronize specific activities from different sub-BOMs that are best done at the same time e.g. powder coating.
  • When you need to use your sub-BOMs both standalone and as part of larger manufactures, Queue Points allow you to schedule your larger manufactures more economically and efficiently while still preserving the flow for standalone use of those same sub-BOMs.

How it Works

You can define your Queue Point in the parent BOM where you want to synchronize a number of activities. Then set the Queue Point attribute for the activities in the sub-BOMs that you want to synchronize. Give them the same Queue Point identifier that you defined in the parent. This causes Abel’s scheduling functionality to schedule the specified activities at the Queue Point defined in the parent BOM (instead of where they fall in the sub-BOMs) and makes them all finish at the same time.

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