Abel Stock Runout Screen Predicts Stock Shortages.

Posted on 23.03.2023 by Rik

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The Stock Runout Screen makes it easier to predict when you will run out of stock. It is especially helpful for finding cases where you are awaiting delivery of a supplier order (and therefore the system won’t automatically reorder) but the supplier order isn’t big enough to meet forecast demand and you are still projected to run out.

The Stock Runout screen calculates demand and takes into account supplier orders due within a time frame.

Information includes:

  1. Projected stock runout date
  2. Next supplier Delivery
  3. Average Monthly Use
  4. Predicted available stock as at the Due Date filter
  5. Predicted available stock as at the item supplier’s lead date for delivery

The Stock Runout screen is just one of the ways Abel helps you manage your stock.