Abel’s BOM Options – a smarter way to tailor your BOMs

Posted on 13.04.2023 by Rik

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Abel’s BOM Options makes it easy to create Bills of Materials with structured option choices, to make tailoring BOMs more efficient and to reduce potential errors from manual changes.

With Abel you can develop BOMs that contain BOM Option with pre-defined choices. Options can be used for selecting different inventory items, alternative sub-BOM’s, sub-manufactures or services.

Creating BOM Options

First you create the options (1) and specify the option choices (2). In BOM maintenance, you can specify the option on any BOMs that need it (3).

Image shows Using BOM Options in Bills of Materials. Abel ERP
Using BOM options in Bills of Materials

Using BOM Options

BOM Options can be used in manufacturing workflows such as make to order or make to stock.
This example shows a make to stock workflow.

When a customer orders an item, BOM options make it easy to tailor the BOM by selecting from the pre-loaded option choices. When you attach a BOM to a Customer Quotation, Abel creates line items for any options that are in the BOM. Select the option row (1). Select the option (2). Abel returns the selected option to the Customer Quote.

Image shows choosing options for a customer Quote. Abel ERP
Choosing options for a Customer Quote

Option choices can be inventory items or BOMs, in this example, the options are BOMs. When you select the option choices, the option lines expand out to contain the (sub) BOMs for the selected option choices:

Options can be used for sub-BOMs

There’s a lot more you can do with Abel BOM options. It’s just one of the ways that Abel helps you manage choice and variety in your products and services.