Back into it

Posted on 01.02.2012 by Rik

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Hello and welcome to 2012 from the Abel Software team.

After a well deserved break we’re all back into it. I somehow managed to wangle 3 weeks leave, after which I was well and truly ready to come back. There are, after all, no kids to look after in the office..

As always the development team has been busy over the past quarter. One of the recent challenges was to accommodate low-value currencies, such as the Indonesian Rupiah or the Vietnamese Dong. Our reward for completing this challenge was the donation to our office of $2,800 Dong which we had framed and is now hanging on our wall. Using the current conversion rate (21,020 to 1) this represents a massive $US 0.13 which ironically is inversely proportionate to the amount of effort put in by all!!

Here are a few other new features included in the latest Abel Release 5.1;

  • Sub Accounts/Activity Ledgers
  • Drafts for Emails, Tasks, and Messages
  • Enhancements to handle Multiple Taxation Levels
  • SMTP Authentication

And of course there are hosts of other little tweaks and improvements that have been made that don’t necessarily make it to the new features list, but are equally important to improve the Abel user experience.

Until next time.. onwards & upwards!