Campaign Building – Making the most of your client data.

Posted on 08.11.2010 by Rik

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Most of you reading this would not have a clue who I am. Most of the companies that send me marketing, either through my inbox or my letterbox, do not have a clue who I am. To make matters worse, the majority of those companies can’t even spell my name properly. So consequently, I get bombarded with a barrage of semi-personally addressed mail, electronic or otherwise, most of which is simply not relevant to me.

There is one company, however, who is smart enough to market to me, based on my demographic, combined with my shopping habits. Sure, I have to swipe a card each time I shop there so they can make me feel special, but the information I receive is relevant, to me! Relevant.

rel-e-vant (adjective) – bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent: a relevant remark (Thanks

During the course of building a relationship with our clients, we accumulate a whole bunch of information about them such as:

  • Who they are;
  • Where they are;
  • What they buy;
  • What they don’t buy;
  • Who are their key personnel;
  • What they are interested in (either as individuals or as a company).

We also take the time to slot them in to various categories. So, once all of this information has been accumulated, how can we use it?

Within the Abel Integrated CRM is the ability to build targeted campaigns. By utilizing client, sales and contacts data you can build campaigns which are pertinent and through organic growth will ultimately result in increased Customer Lifetime Value.

From a purely functional perspective, campaigns are built by selecting a variety of criteria within the Campaign Build screen. These various criteria may include geographical selections such as Country, State, City, or Postcode combined with Client Type, Business Type, Account Manager, Contact Categories, Inventory Categories (purchased or otherwise) and individual Inventory Items (purchased or otherwise). The flexibility is such that any combination of criteria can be selected to create your tailored segmented campaign.

Remember, non-specific campaigns that are over-frequent and not pertinent to the customer often can have the reverse effect of one which is tailored. So, forget the traditional marketing campaigns that bombard your customers with generic promotions and switch on to campaign management that is more relevant to your clients and ultimately more beneficial for your company.