Enterprise Management for Multi-Location and Multi-Entity businesses.

Posted on 10.03.2020 by Rik

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Abel’s Enterprise Management meets the financial reporting requirements for a variety of customers and organization structures across multiple locations, countries and currencies.

With Abel’s Enterprise Management and inter-database features you can:

  • Run multiple business entities in one database or in multiple databases
  • Consolidate financial data for different entities, locations, countries or currencies
  • Use real-time visibility across your whole business

Enterprise Financial Management

Abel Enterprise Management enables Abel databases to exchange data with one another and offers some unique features.  Each database can run independently, but also provide a consolidated financial view with automatic inter-database transfers.  Each database synchronizes its general ledger account balances with head office, giving a consolidated view across all participating entities.  Abel Corporate View handles different countries and currencies.

Inter-database Trading

Separate locations or business units often have many transactions in common. These include buying goods for each other, transferring stock, manufacturing goods, paying creditors, receiving debtor payments or paying for goods on behalf of each other. All these transactions require inter-company or inter-branch accounting processes. Abel automatically generates reciprocal documents in remote databases. Abel’s processes perform the necessary inter-company accounting and Abel also handles different currencies and different tax regimes. 

Consolidation and Reporting

Abel uses “Reporting Branches” to group companies and departments for consolidated reporting. The consolidation works across multiple databases so you can consolidate information from your trading branches, no matter where they are geographically.  To report in multiple currencies, simply specify a reporting branch for each currency. You can have any number of reporting branches to suit requirements.

Abel’s security ensures that users can only see branch data that they are authorized to access.  Users have automatic, transparent access to any Abel database that they have security credentials for. Security in the remote database is controlled as though the user had directly signed on.

Grow with Abel

Smaller businesses can grow and expand easily with Abel, and can adopt Abel’s Corporate View when they need it. All our customers, large and small, benefit from the depth of Abel’s consolidation and reporting capabilities. For more information see our Enterprise Management pages.

To find out more about Abel ERP and how it can help your business, please contact us.

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