Efficient Pallet Management with Abel ERP and Handheld Scanners…

Posted on 09.07.2019 by Rik

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Abel ERP’s pallet management handles pallets from packing through to container dispatch. Workers use handheld scanners to pack goods onto pallets as they come off the production line. Abel’s barcode scanner interface captures barcode information into Abel. Pallet management is integrated with Abel’s manufacturing and container functionality. Workers assign Pallets to shipping containers and dispatch them using Abel’s container management process. The Pallet functionality includes:

  • Print Pallet labels
  • Use handheld scanners to record goods on pallets
  • View all pallets and their status
  • Dispatch Pallets in shipping Containers

When workers print the pallet labels, Abel automatically creates the pallet records in the Abel database.

This example shows how pallet labels are generated.

Workers use Abel’s touch screens for manufacturing completions and pallet processing. They can easily manage completions for both pallet and non-pallet goods from the same workspace.

This example shows manufacturing and pallet touch screens working together.

Using handheld scanners, workers select a production run and scan the pallet label (1). As goods come off the production line, workers scan the finished goods labels (2). Abel’s scanner interface records the goods on the pallet document (3,4). Abel matches the scanned boxes to the manufacture’s lines and updates the quantities (5). The total number of boxes scanned appears in the title bar (6). When complete, the worker closes the pallet document (7).

This example shows the Pallet Completions touch screen used for scanning finished goods onto a Pallet.

Pallet management continues its workflow through Abel’s container functionality. Workers assign pallets to shipping containers.  Abel’s Container screen shows pallet inventory allocated to the container. Pallet goods are dispatched by the container dispatch process.

This example shows an export container with multiple inventory items on the same pallet.

That was a quick look at Abel’s Pallet Management. To find out more about Abel’s functionality and how it can help your business, contact your Abel Consultant or an Abel Office. For more on containers see our container management blog.

Until next time.