Frozen Status Supports Traceability.

Posted on 23.03.2020 by Rik

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Abel ERP provides robust traceability and has many small but important features to help you meet often stringent standards. The inventory Frozen Status for batch-controlled stock is one such feature.

The ‘Frozen Status’ is a temporary status for batch-controlled stock that stops it being used or consumed.  The Frozen Status is intended for use when batches entering stock cannot be used or sold immediately. For example, until quality tests have been completed. You can include frozen batch-controlled inventory on documents such as Customer Dispatches, but Abel will prevent you from posting those documents until the frozen status has been removed. 

You can either set the frozen status at the inventory item level (meaning stock for that inventory code will always enter stock with a status of frozen). Or you can set the frozen status manually for individual batches, serial numbers or unique numbers.

Though the frozen status is a small feature, it demonstrates Abel’s attention to detail and our commitment to supporting traceability processes.

Read about how Abel ERP is helping NZ Drinks, Pasta Vera and GMP Dairy  meet their traceability requirements. To find out more about Abel ERP and how it can help your business, please contact us.

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