Jobs with Abel

Posted on 06.03.2023 by Rik

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Jobs Orders can track costs for maintenance and repair work and other jobs where the parts and labor costs cannot be predicted in advance. For example, engine re-conditioning or equipment repairs. Abel’s Jobs Orders also provide for sophisticated pre-quoting and flexible invoicing.

Jobs Orders can also be used for staged work that runs over several months and so requires progress billing.

Raw Materials Consumption

Where quantities can be predicted, raw materials are consumed out of stock at the start of a job via a requisition document.

Where quantities can’t be predicted, raw materials are measured or counted as the job progresses and then are consumed when the job is completed using the backflush process.

Back to Back Purchasing

Jobs enable you to purchase materials for the job. When the materials are received, they go directly against the job’s work in progress without going through stock.

Jobs Orders are just one of Abel’s versatile manufacturing processes that can be configured in different ways to meet different needs.