Manufacturing Quality Processes.

Posted on 20.10.2020 by Rik

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Manufacturing Quality processes are for ensuring that finished goods or semi-finished goods meet quality standards and that the cost of rectifying any defects is captured.

The process configuration varies according to the nature of the business and the manufacturing process. These are two examples:

Defect / Rework Process

A defect is detected as the work happens (e.g. a part gets damaged during manufacturing or assembly). The part can be swapped out, so a rework sub-job is created to do the necessary work (disassemble, replace damaged part, reassemble). The extra costs from the rework are applied against the original job. Defect and rework information can also be captured on the Manufacturing Close screen.

In-Line or Post Manufacture Quality Testing Process

A quality-testing process can include the following steps (e.g. for food or pharmaceutical manufacturing).

  • Laboratory test results can be imported from .csv files of test result data (from supported laboratories or using Abel’s generic test result load).
  • Imported test results are stored against the batches of product in Abel and can be viewed in the Batch Register screen.
  • Finished goods that require testing are held in quarantine while awaiting test results.
  • For quality issues that cannot be rectified, the product must be written off and a new process initiated to re-make the product.
  • For write offs, the Product Usage document captures the reason code and the G/L code.

This diagram shows a workflow that includes quarantine.

Manufacturing Quality Process Abel ERP - Inventory/warehouse Workflow with Quarantine

Quarantine can also be used for inwards goods that require testing prior to being made available to manufacturing processes.

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