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Posted on 29.10.2015 by Rik

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Gidday, This is the latest in a series of blogs I am writing on Abel’s features and what they can do for you.

One of Abel’s strengths is the flexibility of its manufacturing processes. Abel offers a variety of manufacturing processes and also offers the ability to combine them into sub-processes. Some of Abel’s customers use a simple, flat structure for their manufacturing processes and others use a multi-level structure to handle more complex requirements. Abel handles both ends of the spectrum with ease.

Example 1

Let’s say you are manufacturing swimming pool fences and one of the steps in that process is an “external” manufacture whereby another company does the powder coating for you. Within Abel you can create your main manufacturing process and have the external manufacture as a sub-process within it. Abel gives you full visibility of your entire manufacturing process – including any steps that are completed externally.

This diagram shows one way that you can structure the pool fence example:


Abel’s Manufacturing Processes

Abel offers six manufacturing processes that you can mix and match to suit different requirements:

  • Manufacturing Order
    Manufacturing Orders are Abel’s “standard” manufacturing process. They are used to produce one or more items for a “make to order” or “make for stock” process. Manufacturing Orders enable you to track costs, work centers, machine time etc. They may have a Bill of Materials or they can be built manually.
  • Jobs Order
    Jobs Orders are designed to track costs for maintenance and repair work or any other job where the parts and labor costs cannot be predicted in advance. For example engine re-conditioning or equipment repairs. Abel’s Jobs Orders also provide for sophisticated pre-quoting and flexible invoicing.
  • External Manufacturing Order
    External Manufacturing Orders are used when an external company performs a step in your manufacturing process e.g. specialist coating or cutting. External Manufactures can consume your own stock at your premises or stock at the external company’s premises. They can track service charges and materials to be sent and they can also be scheduled.
  • Production Order
    Production Orders are often used in processes like food manufacturing to make a batch of something and then package it to produce one or more end products. e.g. Make a batch of marmalade and then package it in different sized containers with different labels for different countries. Production Orders can handle two bills of materials (e.g. one BOM for making the food item and another BOM for filling the containers, packaging and labelling). They also have full batch tracking of inputs (raw materials and stock items used e.g. ingredients, jars, lids) and outputs (finished batches produced).
  • Make Order
    Make Orders are Abel’s simplest manufacturing process. They suit simple assemblies and simple manufactures that have no Bills of Materials. e.g. making tablecloths. Make Orders do not use scheduling and they do not track machine time.
  • Shop Order
    Shop Orders are an “umbrella” process used to track a complex manufacture or assembly process and bring all the sub-manufactures together. Shop Orders can also split large manufactures into multiple manufactures or “lots” according to the lot size that your plant or equipment can handle.

Shop Orders, Manufacturing Orders, Jobs Orders and Production Orders can all contain other sub-orders to any depth that suits your manufacturing processes like the following example.

Example 2

This example shows a “Shop” process for making Vitamin Capsules:


Well that’s a quick overview of Abel’s manufacturing processes, check out these case studies to see what some of our customers say:

GMP Dairy Traceability is the formula for success
“GMP Dairy chose Abel ERP software for its strong manufacturing features and especially its supply chain traceability…”

Mastip Technology Running hot in a global market
“Making bespoke production tools for a fast-moving global plastics manufacturing sector, Mastip Technology Limited have used Abel to master a discombobulating array of production and planning requirements…”

GTech Bellmor Precision as well as speed
“Exporting centrifuge equipment to every corner of the world, GTech Bellmor chose Abel ahead of major ERP rivals to ensure it retained a leading edge…”

Myriad Engineering Seeing the sum of its parts
“When Myriad Engineering wanted better control of its pricing and production process, the precision small-parts machining company chose Abel ERP…”

Guala Closures Because wine should always taste good
“Abel gives us control of the business because everything is controlled with just one tool from supply through manufacturing, sales and finally to accounting…” 

Manuka Health Seeing into the hive
“…Manuka Health has grown rapidly to serve in excess of 40 export markets. Implementing Abel has dramatically slashed time needed for quality control processes, significantly improved efficiency and helped much more effectively deliver on a central customer promise of clarity and transparency…”

Fairfax Industries – Keep on trucking
“When Fairfax Industries needed a system to manage complex heavy truck and trailer manufacturing, they wanted something that was simple to run, but still had real grunt and could easily track every component of every job…”

Whether your business is small, mid-sized or large and has simple or complex manufacturing processes, Abel can help.

If you want to know more about Abel’s manufacturing capabilities, please contact your Abel Consultant or an Abel Distributor.

Until next time.