Abel’s Shop Orders and Scheduling Around a Constraint Work Center

Posted on 09.09.2014 by Rik

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Gidday, This is the latest in a series of blogs I am writing on Abel’s features and what they can do for you. This month’s blog includes:

  • Abel’s Shop Orders
  • Splitting a manufacture into ‘lots’
  • Scheduling around a constraint work center

Abel’s shop orders provide a very powerful top down view of complex jobs that contain multiple manufactures. You can see  at any stage where each of the manufactures is at. Shop orders complement Abel’s scheduling functionality, making it easier to co-ordinate multiple manufactures to meet the customers required date.

The shop orders screen shows you all the manufacturing documents needed to make an item for a customer order and see the status of each. Abel’s shop order screen gives you visibility over all the manufacturing processes needed to produce an item from the one screen and schedule all the work with one click. You can easily track the status of the individual manufactures, view the schedule, and drill down to the individual manufacturing documents.

Shops are also useful if you need to split a manufacture into lots that the factory can handle. The ‘split’ function automatically creates separate manufactures in lot sizes that you specify. The separate manufactures for each lot can all be viewed on the shop screen.

Scheduling around a constraint work center can be done for any schedule (not only for shops). If you have a constraint work center in your manufacturing process then Abel can optimize the schedule to make best possible use of that work center and will automatically arrange the other items around it.

Shop Orders

You can configure Abel so that customer orders for certain inventory items automatically create shop orders when they are posted, like this example:


For each customer order line, all the manufactures are listed on the shop orders screen. This example shows 1140 kilos of marmalade being manufactured and packaged into 3000 jars:


Splitting a manufacture into lots

Shop orders also provide a split function for splitting a large manufacture into ‘lots’ (or batches) that the plant can handle. In this example, the marmalade is being manufactured in 400 kilo lots.


Abel replaces the single manufacture with multiple manufactures up to your specified lot size:


From the shop order screen you can create the schedule. This example shows the default schedule that was created:


Scheduling around a constraint work center

If your schedule has a constraint work center, you can optimize the schedule for it. Click on a line that contains the constraint work center, then click Schedule. The schedule is re-drawn optimizing for the constraint work center.

This example has been optimized for Work Center 1. You can see that Abel has scheduled all the work center 1 lines to follow on from each other and has automatically scheduled the other lines around it.


So that was a very quick summary of what’s cool about Abel’s shops and constraint work center functionality.

If you want to know more about these features and how they can help your business, please contact your Abel Consultant or an Abel Distributor.

Until next time.