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Posted on 29.04.2016 by Rik

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Gidday, this is the latest in a series of blogs I am writing on Abel’s features and what they can do for you. Did you know about Abel’s Customer Rating capability, a nifty part of Abel’s CRM suite?

Abel’s Customer Rating gives you a valuable insight into your customer base. Abel ranks each customer by Revenue, Profit and Pay Days (how quickly they pay).

Using settings you configure, Abel gives each customer an A,B or C classification for each of the three measures. You can view the data over any date range. This data helps you:

  • Focus your Customer retention activities
  • Evaluate your discounting policies
  • Ensure your terms of trade are working in your favor

Abel’s Customer Rating helps you identify
which clients are contributing the most value to your business

As with all of Abel’s functionality, CRM is built into Abel ERP. This means you can view the Customer Rating analysis at any time, with real-time data.

Let’s look at some Customer Rating examples:

This example shows you the Customer Rating from April to June 2015 for Customers of company ADT (with Abel, you can run multiple companies in the same database). You can change the settings on the right to determine the A, B and C classification for each Rating. By default, the table is in order of the Rating column so you can see your top customers at a glance. However, as with all tables in Abel, you can click any column heading to sort by that column.


For example, an “A” classification for revenue means revenue from that particular customer contributed to the top* 50% of revenue from all customers. The above example shows that 8 customers made up the top* 50% of revenue in the date range.

*”Top” in this context means customers are sorted descending by the revenue they contribute. The percentages are used to classify each customers contribution as A, B or C compared to where their contribution falls within the total revenue from all customers.

Double click a line to drill down to the detail that was used to calculate the rating.

This example shows the Revenue / Gross Profit view for “Clever Computers”. Each line represents a Customer Invoice. The total Revenue and total Gross Profit match to the Customer Rating screen:


Select the Pay Days view. (The Pay Days view has different columns.)

This example shows the Pay Days view for “Clever Computers”. Each line represents a Customer Invoice. Negative Pay Days means the invoice was paid early. The total Pay Days matches to the Customer Rating screen:



In summary, Abel ranks your Customers by three criteria, using the date range and settings that you specify:

  • “Revenue” classifies Customers by the revenue they contribute within the date range.
  • “Profit” classifies Customers by the gross profit on transactions within the date range.
  • “Pay-Days” classifies Customers by how quickly they paid their invoices within the date range.

If you want to know more about Abel’s functionality and how it can help your business, please contact your Abel Consultant or an Abel Distributor.

Until next time.