Handy Features for Managing Stock

Posted on 26.11.2014 by Rik

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Hi there, I am just writing to highlight a few of Abel’s features for managing stock and inventory. Did you know about these?

  • Inventory Frozen Status
    The ‘Frozen Status’ is a temporary status for batch controlled inventory that stops it being used or consumed. The Frozen Status is intended for use when batches entering stock cannot be used or sold immediately for some reason (for example, until quality tests have been completed). You can include frozen batch controlled inventory on documents, but Abel will prevent you from posting them until the frozen status has been removed. You can either set the frozen status at the inventory item level (meaning stock for that inventory code will always enter stock with a status of frozen). Or you can set the frozen status manually for individual batches, serial numbers or unique numbers.
  • Stock Runout Features
    The Stock Runout Screen makes it easier to predict when you will run out of stock. It is especially helpful for finding cases where you are awaiting delivery of a supplier order (and therefore the system won’t automatically reorder) but the supplier order isn’t big enough and you are still projected to run out of stock.
    You can also generate supplier purchase orders and branch manufacturing orders using the estimated stock shortage date to derive the due date of each line plus a configurable ‘safety days’ margin.
  • Build Pick Process
    The ‘Build Pick’ process is an alternative to the requisition process for consuming stock in manufacturing. Build Pick transfers inventory to a ‘Manufacturing Department’ (e.g. a location on the factory floor) from its respective Stock, Store or Plant Company/Department in preparation for consumption within a manufacture. A subsequent back flush of the manufacturing document consumes the stock from the Manufacturing Department. A Pick can be built from Manufacturing / Jobbing / Production or Planning type documents.
  • Options for Managing Batch Controlled Inventory
    Abel offers a number of options for validating document lines dealing with batch controlled inventory. This gives you more control over batch controlled inventory and helps you ensure it is captured accurately. For example, on a receipt, you can prevent a batch or serial being received if it has been entered into Abel before.

If you want to know more about Abel’s handy features for managing stock and how they can help your business, please contact your Abel Consultant or an Abel Distributor.

Until next time.