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Posted on 15.03.2017 by Rik

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Hi There, This month we are looking at how Abel’s functionality can help producers track their production from the field through to manufacturing and packaging of finished goods, meeting requirements for traceability and quality right through the whole supply chain.

In this article we focus on how Abel’s flexibility and traceability is providing a competitive edge for some of New Zealand’s honey producers.

With the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) strengthening authentication, labelling and rules for exporting Manuka Honey, traceability of the supply chain from the hive through to the finished goods has become even more important.

With Abel configured to suit, honey producers can monitor and manage their entire operation, tracking sites and landowners (suppliers in Abel) and recording location information about each site.

Honey producers can create a site inspection regime that suits their operation and record key information about each site. From a mobile device, bee keepers can locate, monitor and inspect each site. The information gathered is configurable to suit each producer but it generally includes information about the bees and their health, the site and the environment. This information is captured back into Abel.

Abel’s flexibility enables installers to tailor Hive Tracking functions to suit each honey producer. This is one example:

Abel manages the collection, certification and production processes as well. Abel stores all the details about the hive sites and suppliers and, once the honey is collected, supports full traceability from the site through to drums of honey collected and ultimately to the finished goods produced. Abel’s standard manufacturing processes can be configured to suit honey production and Abel provides for a number of specialized honey production functions as well including:

  • Record samples sent to the lab for testing.
  • Scan or allocate barcodes on drums of honey.
  • Generate EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) files to load into the MPI website for their e-certification process.
  • Record test results, costs and payments against drums.
  • Revalue drums on repeated test knowledge.

Abel’s functionality enables honey producers to track all finished goods batches back to the drum and the drum back to the site meeting full traceability requirements. And, on the financial side, Abel captures operational costs at site level through to consumption of unique drums at their actual cost in manufacturing. This enables producers to see the final revenue against the actual cost of producing each batch.

Abel helps producers manage all aspects of their production including quality, traceability, compliance and financials.

So that was a quick look at how Abel helps honey producers capture the necessary information to meet industry standards and give their customers certainty about the quality and provenance of every jar of honey.

To all our Honey Producers keep up the good work. We are proud to be part of your success in growing New Zealand’s export industry.

If you want to know more about Abel’s functionality and how it can help your business, please contact your Abel Consultant or an Abel Distributor.

Until next time.