Managing Bills of Materials in different currencies…

Posted on 28.02.2018 by Rik

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Hi There. Did you know that Abel handles Bills of Materials (BOMs) in different currencies?

This feature suits businesses that run their offshore manufacturing operations within their “home” database. Installers can configure this feature for you. Abel uses the currency associated with a BOM to calculate the BOM’s pricing. This enables BOMs to be priced in different currencies according to each BOM’s setup (the default is that BOMs are priced in the System currency of the database).

BOM currencies are used together with Abel’s standard multi-currency pricing capabilities to price the BOMs appropriately for each offshore manufacturing operation. BOM Price calculations in the pricing screens, and BOM pricing calculations elsewhere in Abel, handle currency as follows:

  • If the BOM’s inventory (and other components) have prices in a currency that matches the BOM currency, then BOM price calculations use it.
  • Else BOM price calculations convert the system currency prices to the BOM currency using the current exchange rates.

Running offshore operations from the home database might not be all that common, but this is a very helpful feature for businesses that need it. Just another example of how you can configure Abel to suit the way your business is organized.

If you want to know more about Abel’s functionality, please contact your Abel Consultant or an Abel Distributor.

Until next time.