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Posted on 02.08.2013 by Rik

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Hi there, the development team has been busy again. Abel version was released in July. This is another one of our minor releases, and includes plenty of new features to interest you. Here are just a few:

Abel Email Plugin for Microsoft Outlook®

The Abel Email Plugin is a cool new utility that exports emails from Microsoft Outlook and stores them against your Clients in Abel.

In Microsoft Outlook, you select one or more emails that you wish to export, click ‘Export to Abel’, select the Client to attach them to, and off they go into Abel. You can then manage the emails from within Abel – Reply, Forward, Print, Delete etc. This of course adds to the history against a client in Abel’s CRM.


New and Improved Abel Functionality

  • Deposits
    We have improved our deposit functionality making it even easier to create, select, receipt or pay deposits for Customers, Suppliers and Jobs.  Two new forms allow you to view all paid and unpaid deposits. Deposits can be automatically deducted from the total owing on a receipt or payment, and you can stop a Customer Order being posted if the deposit has not been paid.
  • Build a Stock Transfer on to a Customer Consignment
    You can now add a Stock Transfer directly on to a Customer Consignment, making it easier to manage stock transfers that are required for specific customer orders. There are various options around how to set this up so you will want to discuss this with your Abel Installer.
  • New Cross Database Functions
    Those of you with multiple databases will be pleased to hear about two new cross database functions – Customer Despatch / Supplier Delivery and Customer Invoice / Supplier Invoice for transactions between your internal clients. Create your Customer Despatch or Customer Invoice and simply click Transfer to create the corresponding document in the other database.
  • Picking Bins
    We have added Picking Bin information  to Inventory Items and a Picking Reorder form to support Picking Bin processes. Those of you with Picking Bins can now manage them much more easily.
  • MRP Manufacture Reorder
    Your manufactured MRP items can now be automatically included in the Manufacturing Production Schedule, based on your MRP budgets. See my earlier blog on MRP for a bit of background.
  • Parallel Scheduling
    We have enhanced our parallel scheduling so it is now easier to manage sequential steps within your parallel manufacturing processes.
  • Fixed Asset Transfers
    We have created new functionality for Interdepartmental Asset Transfers.  This transaction transfers the asset to the new department and automatically transfers the depreciation as well.

There are around 40 items in this release and the above highlights just a few. Keep an eye out for our new Release Documentation detailing all of the enhancements.

Until next time, Rik