Quickly create quotes and orders in Abel’s Customer Dashboard

Posted on 30.03.2023 by Rik

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Abel’s Customer Dashboard helps your Sales Team create quotes and orders quickly, using previous sales history.

The dashboard brings together key data to provide an overview of the trading relationship with a Customer.

It enables your Sales Team to quickly create quotes and orders for repeat business, and to view and record communications with the customer.

This example shows:

  1. Communications button – opens a screen that displays past communications.
  2. View key data for the Customer e.g. late orders, overdue invoices, contact details, upcoming events and sales graphs.
  3. Overview of the customer’s last 8 orders. This helps the sales team to focus on recent orders and potential missed opportunities.
  4. View and create notes, events and tasks.
  5. Create quotes and orders quickly using items ordered previously.
Image shows Abel Customer Dashboard  functionality