Split a Large Manufacture into Lots with Abel

Posted on 16.10.2023 by Rik

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Within Abel’s Shop Order (see last week’s blog), there’s a useful feature that splits a manufacture into lots or batches to suit the equipment in your plant. The Split function automatically creates multiple manufactures in lot sizes that you specify.

The shop order workflow is for complex manufactures. Abel can be configured to create shop orders automatically (from customer orders) for specific inventory items. Then, when you’re ready to begin manufacturing, use the Split function to create multiple manufactures in the required lot sizes.

In the Shop Order Screen:

  1. Click Build Split.
  2. Enter the size for each lot.
  3. The Split function replaces the single manufacture with multiple manufactures.
  4. Click the Build Plant button to build the manufacturing documents.
Image show Abel ERP - Split a large manufacture into lots

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