Sometimes it’s the little things…

Posted on 26.08.2021 by Rik

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Keeping tabs on potential shortages is a small but important task. Abel’s Supplier Orders Due screen helps your team see at a glance when a delivery is likely to be late so you can proactively manage any impact on your manufacturing schedule.

How Abel ERP can help

Abel lets you to edit Supplier Order due dates and update them with the Supplier’s confirmed delivery date. This helps you to see the delivery status at a glance, and to quickly work out what needs your attention.

Orders with a green background have confirmed Due Dates from the Supplier.

Operators should focus on unconfirmed and late items:

  • Firstly, anything where the due date is in the past
  • Then, orders with Red Due Dates are likely to be late (later than their Required Date). These warrant your attention and (if critical to your operation) may need a mitigation strategy.

That was a quick look at one of the screens Abel provides for tracking outstanding orders. To find out more about Abel ERP and how it can help your business, please contact us.

Until next time.