Abel ERP’s Supplier Reorder

Posted on 04.10.2021 by Rik

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Knowing how much stock to reorder (or manufacture) is a vital task for many businesses. Abel’s reorder settings and functions help make the reordering process both accurate and efficient.

How Abel can help

Abel’s Supplier Reorder and Manufacturing Reorder screens produce reorder recommendations based on existing stock levels, existing orders and reorder settings.

  • The Build function can build multiple items onto a single purchase order per Supplier. The Build function uses the Inventory Reorder settings on each inventory item: Reorder Method (including MRP if used), Min and Max levels, Economical Order Quantities, Multiples and Supplier Lead times.
  • The Inventory Reorder Methods can group together material requirements from multiple orders and / or manufacturing orders into a single purchase order line with the total overall quantity required.  This means pricing quantity breaks and order multiples can be used to maximum advantage.
  • When the items are delivered, a “Putaway” can be printed from the delivery screen. This lists the customer orders and / or manufacturing documents that are waiting for stock. This saves the Warehouse team putting away stock that is needed elsewhere, and ensures the stock gets to where it is needed as quickly as possible.

This example shows a Supplier Reorder screen. Supplier Reorder is for goods or raw materials that you purchase. Manufacture Reorder is a similar screen for items that you manufacture or partly manufacture for use in finished goods:

  1. The Controller can filter the lists of reorder items using various supplier and / or inventory filters. This helps the procurement team’s workflow by enabling the data to be managed in sets
  2. The Controller can review the data line-by-line and view additional information about each line in the summary fields above the table
  3. The Controller can browse from a selected line item to an inventory inquiry view, and from there access details of the product’s Customer On Order and Supplier On Order transactions, and also see Stock On Hand and its whereabouts
  4. The Controller can view the reorder recommendations and make adjustments (e.g. remove lines, or adjust the reorder quantity) and then use the “Build” function to create Supplier orders (SORD’s) or internal manufacture orders (BORD’s).
image shows Supplier  Reorder screen. Abel ERP

That was a quick look at Supplier Reorder. To find out more about Abel ERP and how it can help your business, please contact us.

Until next time.