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Posted on 03.10.2010 by Callum

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Hi there and welcome our new website, and the first of many blogs from abelsoftware.com. My name is Callum, I am a software developer as well a shareholder of Abel Software.

In the months (and years) ahead you will read snippets from myself as well as members of our development, support and admin teams as we blog on topics such as product developments, industry news, and what makes us, at Abel, just a bit different from the rest.  It’s our aim to provide our own form of “infotainment” in the global world of ERP.

So why blog?  Well, as a team, we have an immense wealth of knowledge, not only in IT, but also in terms of understanding the challenges IT brings as a business owner or operator, in whatever industry you are in..  We are very passionate about Abel and the difference it makes to our customers, and by providing insights into what it is we do, we hope to generate thought and debate on the ways in which technology can help businesses.

Literary genius’ we are not,  IT genius’ we are, so for our take on what’s relevant and interesting, subscribe to our feed, retweet our posts and tag along.  And please, feel free to comment.  We welcome it!