Enterprise Reporting

123Businesses today have sophisticated financial reporting and consolidation requirements.

Abel’s report architecture combined with its inter-database features provides a powerful combination for meeting your financial reporting needs.

Abel provides powerful features that enable you to report across your enterprise or within its individual parts.

Financial Reports

For installations using Abel’s External Financial Ledgers or Consolidated Export, Abel’s standard financial reports can report either local data, imported data from other Abel databases or a combination of both, giving you the ability to report across your whole organization to suit individual requirements.


Abel’s Reporting Branches are structures that group your trading entities in different ways for reporting purposes. You can define any number of reporting branches, each containing different groupings of your trading entities. This enables you to report your data in many different ways, giving you quality information to truly manage your organization. If you need to report in multiple currencies or for different financial year ends, simply specify a Reporting Branch for each combination you require. Abel reports for the specified financial year end date and converts the currency when the reports are run.


Remote Reports

Abel’s Remote Reports enable users to launch a report in one Abel database that gets its data from another Abel database. For example, a user in the Corporate database e.g. California can run a Ledger Tax Details report for a remote branch e.g. San Diego.

The report is configured as a remote report. The user runs it as they would any other report except that they select a remote branch (from another database) to run the report for. When the report runs, Abel connects to the remote branch database, obtains the data for the report and completes the report on the requesting database.


For more information on Abel’s reporting capabilities see Reporting Toolset.