Inter-Database Navigation

abcAbel’s users have automatic, transparent access to any Abel database that they have security credentials for.

They can navigate seamlessly to the same screen in another database to view data for a selected company or branch; see the source data for a corporate summary figure or view the details of a remote document.


Abel’s inter-database switching enables users to navigate between Abel databases to view remote data within the one user session. Abel logs them in automatically so users can move seamlessly to any other Abel databases that they have security credentials for.

Corporate database users viewing a company or branch summary figure can easily switch databases to view the detailed source data within the branches’ database. Abel automatically logs them in with the same security as if they had manually logged in like this Ledger Enquiry example:

Cap363 (1)

Abel’s Inter-Database Switching works from all Abel document screens (e.g. customer invoices) and all ledger screens. These functions transparently log the user in to the remote database and open the user’s current screen on the remote database.

In many Abel screens, users can view data for other branches by selecting an external branch. Abel opens the same screen in the remote database. This diagram shows a Customer Invoice example:

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