System Administrators Toolset

pic1aAbel’s extensive business functionality is complimented by an equally comprehensive System Administrators Toolset, providing robust tools for management of your Abel system.

Our Toolset gives you full visibility and control over critical operational areas, giving you peace of mind that your Abel System is safe and secure. 

System Security

Abel provides strong user authentication coupled with functional security and data visibility security, giving you extensive control over system access.

Functional Security controls which functions or screens a user can access and what actions they can perform on the data. For each user / screen combination you can specify Access, Change, Create, Delete and Print permissions. Also, for documents such as invoices you can specify which users are allowed to Open, Hold, Post or Close them. You can view and manage functional security by user or by screen.

Visibility Security controls which data the user is allowed to see. For example, if you have multiple companies and branches in your organization structure, you can control which companies and branches each user is allowed to see. Users who have restricted ’visibility’ can see only their permitted sub-set of the data so, to them, it appears that Abel contains only their data.

Abel’s security features provide you with a very powerful toolset for controlling access and protecting your data.

System Activity Audit

Database change logging is provided as standard in any robust database management system and Abel  is no exception. These logs are viewable through standard database utilities and through Abel’s System Log Files screen, which  enables System Administrators to view all the log files for the Abel System and database from one place. Ten log files are presented on separate tabs within the screen and you can filter the logs for a specified search phrase, making it easier to investigate issues or monitor user activity.

In Addition, Abel provides ‘who, what, when, where’ auditing on a number of activities and provides the ability to search and view these audits through an Abel screen.  This is useful for monitoring system security issues, for understanding how changes came about and for understanding system usage e.g. are we making use of particular reports / enquiry functions.

Activities which can be audited are:

  • Deletion of selected data
  • Selected changes to key data
  • All Screens that have been viewed or accessed
  • All Reports that have been run
  • All outgoing Email Activity

You can decide which (if any) of the above activities will be audited and how long the logs will be kept.

System Process Enquiry

System Process Enquiry gives details of your user license utilization showing the maximum, in use and available user licenses so you can easily monitor your usage against the available concurrent end user licenses. The screen also lists currently logged on users, so you don’t have to use a database utility just to check who is logged on.

This screen also shows the status of critical processes such as your Abel Outbound Email server, Scheduled Reports, Backup and any Add-Ons such as the Abel Email Interface, so you can check that they are running.


Abel is built on database technology that is designed to allow backups to be performed while Abel is active. Our backup utility allows you to back up your data without interrupting your business operations – even if you run 24/7. Abel’s in-built backup utility is tightly integrated with our database management system, ensuring that your data is kept safe and can be restored should this ever be needed. Email notifications advise you of the success or failure of your backups, providing you with full visibility and peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

Systems Management

If you would like to outsource your systems management tasks, our technology partners can provide you with additional services, from systems management of your in-house Abel system through to a fully hosted solution.  Our technology partners have been managing mission critical enterprise systems for banks, hospitals, airlines, retailers, payroll service providers, higher education providers, insurance companies and many others for over 25 years.