Abel for Assembly Manufacturing

Abel knows how important flexibility, inventory control and quick delivery are for assembly manufacturers. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped manufacturers and suppliers by providing the right automation and end-to-end efficiency to streamline and grow their businesses.

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Whether you supply heating systems for homeowners or build high-tech security solutions for big banks, Abel for Assembly Manufacturing has the features and scalability to optimize your entire supply chain so you can better manage stock flows and quickly fulfill orders while improving your bottom line.

A System That’s Flexible And Easy To Use

With Abel for Assembly Manufacturing, you’ll have all the consolidated information and insight you need to manage your business processes and costs in a single, flexible system: sales and quotes, purchasing, inventory control, scheduling, production, financials, forecasting and delivery.

What’s more, our easy-to-use system gives you real-time visibility and traceability of critical information wherever you are – in the office, on the factory floor or on the road – so you can respond quickly and confidently to any production problem, quality issue or customer request.

The Right Solution For Your Business

We know every business is different. That’s why we take
the time to understand what you do instead of promoting off-the-shelf solutions. We collaborate with our customers to create a cost-effective, purpose-built system designed for the specific needs of your business.

We’re innovators too, so we’ve developed many specialized assembly manufacturing tools and quality features to simplify your business and give you a competitive edge. And because of our built-in design flexibility, every customized option is seamlessly and inexpensively integrated into your Abel system.

End-To-End Control Of Supply Chain

In today’s rapidly changing and regulated global marketplace, it’s essential for assemble-to-order manufacturers to maximize every supply chain opportunity and control costs. Our core tools and automation provide the lean and robust processes you need to manage your margins and deliver the highest quality products and systems to your customers on time.

Abel for Assembly Manufacturers delivers overall efficiency, quality control and traceability across your entire manufacturing process, from prototypes and procurement to the finished product or system shipped to your customers.

  • Workflow automation from sales to delivery, to instantly convert sales quotes to orders and schedule production, ensuring quick response to customer orders, accurate delivery times, and precise control of inventory and costs

  • Accurate forecasting of future production to plan for material requirements, avoid stock shortages and write-offs, and ensure swift fulfillment of customer orders.

  • Automated procurement to reduce waste, lead times and overheads by integrating purchasing, sales, stock, receipting, invoicing, dispatch and shipping.

  • Flexibility to quickly integrate new designs and customized orders into production and accelerate your delivery times to customers.

” Abel gave us not only the automation, control and traceability we wanted across our entire business but also a flexible solution that was faster, more reliable and easier for everyone to use. ”

Rob Hollings, General Manager

Helios Power Solutions

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Abel’s Complete Solution

Abel for Assembly Manufacturers is a complete solution, integrating a range of business functions to manage all the complexities and challenges of assemble-to-order manufacturing into a single system:

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Lean Production and Quality Control

  • Detailed Production Data

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting

  • Traceability

  • Enterprise Portal Integration

  • Field Service Management

  • Specialized Pricing Features

  • Foreign Currency Handling

  • Fully Integrated Financials

  • Imported data from “Design Systems”

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Scalability And Agility To Grow With you

Whatever your business aspirations, Abel for Assembly Manufacturers is designed for you respond to customized or standard orders, to get to market quickly, grow without constraint, and adapt to changing market or customer demands without the need for a new business system or costly redevelopments.

When you want to introduce a new system or product, Abel can easily match new design builds with existing inventory to identify the most cost-effective suppliers and processes.

Smooth and safe integration of prototypes to the production line is handled through our Bill of Materials (BOM) and Designer BOM capability. Whether it’s a unique request or for a new product line, only minimal data entry is needed for a seamless transition into production with complete traceability.


“The visibility we now have of our business is extraordinary. We can see everything in a single view, from the line-up of jobs and installation schedules to our customer data and communications.”

– John Balass, Managing Director of Devex Systems


The Abel Advantage

By integrating all the information you need into one system, Abel for Assembly Manufacturers makes it easier for you to manage your costs, enhance customer relationships and grow your business.

With our flexible reporting tools and real-time access to precise sales, customer, production and financial data, Abel gives you the insight and confidence to measure performance and make the right business decisions at any time.

And our automated tools and traceability provide cost and quality controls over your entire supply chain – helping you turn your challenges into competitive advantages.

Partnering With Abel

As a global leader in business management software, we take great pride in our customer service and support. We build long-term partnerships not only with our customers but also with industry specialists who help deliver a solution that is right for you and your future needs.

What our customers say:

  • Chris Bowman

    Chief Executive - Cosana

    "“Without a doubt, we know Abel has all the flexibility and functionality we need to grow and succeed, as well as the support and innovation we might need along the way. The rest is up to us.” "

  • Paul Brown

    co-founder - Deep Creek Brewing Company

    "“Working with Abel went as well as I could expect. We changed from three different software systems to one integrated system and it was working perfectly within a month.”"

  • Gavin Thwaites

    Chief Executive Officer - Dairy Technology Services

    "We couldn’t be happier with Abel,” he says. “Automating our processes has made us so much more efficient. We have fewer people working on manual tasks, we’ve cut costs and we now have the traceability and visibility we needed across our business. That’s making it easier for the whole organization to succeed."

  • NZ Drinks


    "For NZ Drinks, automation was a great decision, and Abel’s robustness and flexibility provides us with a great foundation for growth, if we wanted to quadruple our business tomorrow, we wouldn’t have to change anything."

  • Disc Brakes Australia


    "Once you configure Abel to suit your business processes, it just delivers. You get a system that can handle a very high level of complexity which would cost a lot more if you went anywhere else. I hate to think where we might have been today without Abel."

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