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Abel ERP uses Jade Software database technology. Jade Software is at the forefronof developing market-leading rapid application development and high-performance data storage products used by some of the world’s best-known companies.

Some businesses and organizations using Jade are listed below.

Managing New Zealand’s Money

ASB Bank, a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, uses Jade’s database to process 90 billion dollars a month in transactions, making it the nation’s largest payment processing platform.  The platform has not missed a payment cycle since installation more than 20 years ago.

The “Get Go” in Toronto

Global trains and planes company Bombardier won a contract to manage Toronto’s commuter train service, Go Transit.  Today they use Jade’s database to make sure 42 million passengers a year travel safely, on time and stay on track.  They have had 100 percent up time since its launch and regard it as their most successful IT implementation ever.

Keeping Australia Safe

The Australian Federal Police use Jade’s database to investigate complex transnational crimes, protect identities and prosecute criminals.  Today it is also used by Police forces and agencies in more than 29 countries, including Europe’s best known Police force.


Paying the Nation

Fonterra, the world’s largest dairy exporter, can’t afford to get it wrong, so they trust Jade’s database to manage their milk share registry and pay farmers accurately for their supply.   As New Zealand’s largest company at around 10 percent of the nation’s GDP, the platform could be considered the nation’s payroll.

Moving Europe’s Freight

DB Schenker is Europe’s largest logistics and rail freight company.  DB Schenker Rail trust Jade’s database to manage freight and 15,000 train movements a week in the United Kingdom and France.

Your Insurance Policy

Global insurance company Allianz make their money by making good choices. They use Jade’s database to manage workers’ compensation claims in Australia and continue to enhance and extend the application.


Did we mention Air New Zealand, Virgin Blue, The Warehouse, Australian Customs, World Vision, Greater North West London Health, Deep Container Terminal Gdansk, Gulftainer Iraq, HamiltonJet, Euro Cargo Rail France and Linea Messina Italy? They all run on Jade’s industrial strength high performance database.

You probably know them better for the products and services they deliver rather than their database. And that’s the way it should be!

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What our customers say:

  • Chris Bowman

    Chief Executive - Cosana

    "“Without a doubt, we know Abel has all the flexibility and functionality we need to grow and succeed, as well as the support and innovation we might need along the way. The rest is up to us.” "

  • Paul Brown

    co-founder - Deep Creek Brewing Company

    "“Working with Abel went as well as I could expect. We changed from three different software systems to one integrated system and it was working perfectly within a month.”"

  • Gavin Thwaites

    Chief Executive Officer - Dairy Technology Services

    "We couldn’t be happier with Abel,” he says. “Automating our processes has made us so much more efficient. We have fewer people working on manual tasks, we’ve cut costs and we now have the traceability and visibility we needed across our business. That’s making it easier for the whole organization to succeed."

  • NZ Drinks


    "For NZ Drinks, automation was a great decision, and Abel’s robustness and flexibility provides us with a great foundation for growth, if we wanted to quadruple our business tomorrow, we wouldn’t have to change anything."

  • Disc Brakes Australia


    "Once you configure Abel to suit your business processes, it just delivers. You get a system that can handle a very high level of complexity which would cost a lot more if you went anywhere else. I hate to think where we might have been today without Abel."

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