Sales Order automation for high-volume Sales teams.

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  • What is Lucy?

    Lucy is sales order automation software that automatically enters orders it recognizes into your Abel ERP system.

    For any orders that Lucy doesn’t recognize, Lucy notifies your Sales team and guides them through a one-off process to map the data. After that, Lucy loads subsequent orders into Abel®  automatically.

  • Why use Lucy?

    Lucy automates your most repetitive customer sales order entry tasks, ensuring orders are entered into the ERP quickly and accurately. This means your fulfilment processes can start sooner and your sales team is freed up to handle higher-value tasks that require decision-making or personal customer service.

  • Abel and Lucy

    Though Abel can handle the entire end-to-end customer sales workflow, Lucy is a great addition for Abel installations that have high volumes of repeat business, such as food and beverage, distribution and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

    The development teams at Lucy and Abel have built an interface that enables the two systems to connect and exchange data:

    • Lucy accesses customer, location and inventory data directly from Abel.
    • Lucy receives Sales Orders from your customers and creates Customer Orders in the Abel database.
    • Abel’s usual pricing applies to Lucy orders, as if they had been data-entered directly into Abel.
    • The orders either post automatically or are held for review, according to the Abel configuration.
    • The orders complete their lifecycle in Abel as normal – Despatch, Invoice, Receipt.
    • All financial postings and Debtor management functions remain with Abel.

    The Lucy interface is one of the ways that we’re improving Abel. Our association with specialist software providers, such as Lucy, helps Abel meet specialized requirements without re-inventing the wheel.