Accounts payable automation for high-volume finance teams.

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  • What is Acume PlusOne?

    Acume PlusOne is an accounts payable automation solution for high-volume finance teams. It uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to process incoming Supplier Invoice PDFs and extract the data items for use in your ERP system’s financial processes.
    Acume PlusOne validates the invoices and matches them to their original Purchase Orders (two-way matching) and optionally to Supplier Deliveries if used (three-way matching). Acume PlusOne also provides an Invoice Approval workflow.

  • Why use Acume PlusOne?

    Acume PlusOne automates the data capture, validation and matching of Supplier Invoices, reducing the workload on your Payables Team as fewer invoices require manual entry and processing. The automation that Acume PlusOne provides, reduces work effort and costs, it also reduces error rates and frees your Payables team for other tasks.
    You define the business rules, data validation and processing requirements and Acume PlusOne applies them consistently, automatically. Acume PlusOne provides an accurate audit trail of processing actions and an online repository for invoices so they are easily accessible whenever they are needed. Efficient management of your Payables maximizes early payment discounts, minimizes late fees and reduces missed or duplicated payments.

  • Abel and Acume PlusOne

    The interface between Abel and Acume PlusOne makes for an efficient Accounts Payable workflow.
    Though Abel can handle the entire payables workflow if required, you can save time and effort by using Acume PlusOne to pre-process your Supplier Invoices:
    1.Supplier Purchase Orders are created in Abel in the usual way.
    2.The Acume PlusOne workflow starts via an API request on Abel for a list of Supplier master data and open supplier orders and deliveries.
    3.A PDF Supplier Invoice arrives directly into the Acume PlusOne inbox or the Accounts Payable team member sends the supplier invoice to Acume PlusOne.
    4.PlusOne searches for the matching Abel Purchase Order and Supplier Delivery.
    5.Once matched the Supplier Invoices (created in Abel by Acume PlusOne) completes their lifecycle within Abel in the normal way i.e. payment, financial postings and closing.
    6.Most cases can be matched automatically by Acume PlusOne. A few exceptions will require human intervention.

    This example shows a Supplier Invoice in Acume PlusOne:


    This example shows the same invoice in Abel.
    1. The Additional Text provides a link to the document in Acume PlusOne.
    2. The Document Details – Opened By shows that the Invoice was created by the Acume PlusOne Abel User.