Export documentation and compliance automation software.

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  • What is Prodoc?

    Prodoc is software for exporters that takes the hassle out of exporting.
    Prodoc contains a library of globally recognised export document templates and uses data from your Abel ERP system (and other sources) to generate compliant export documents quickly and error free the first time. Prodoc uses EDI / API connections to exchange data with other parties in the global supply chain including customs, government certifying agencies, ports, shipping lines, logistics partners, and financial institutions.
    Prodoc is an enterprise-grade digital solution trusted by hundreds of Australasia’s leading exporters and is backed by a team of trade experts to provide you with fast, friendly support.

  • Why use Prodoc?

    Prodoc creates, manages, and validates all the documents for your export shipments on the one platform. Prodoc enables your team to produce exactly the right set of documents for each customer quickly and efficiently.

    Prodoc is flexible and customisable to meet all export requirements across a range of industries. Within Prodoc, you can pre-set the documentation requirements for each customer / each market. That means your team doesn’t need expert knowledge of the documentation requirements because Prodoc ensures that the right documents are present for every shipment.

    The TradeWindow suite offers additional products that enable you to digitally share information and securely collaborate with your partners across the global supply chain: Productivity (Prodoc), Connectivity (Cube), and Visibility (Assure).

  • Abel and Prodoc

    Much of the data that Prodoc needs for export documents already exists in your Abel database and the Prodoc API (application programming interface) makes it easy to send the data to Prodoc.

    The data for a shipment is assembled from Abel’s Client, Customer Order, Despatch, Invoice and Container data sets. At the click of a button, Abel’s Prodoc interface, gathers and passes the shipment data to Prodoc. Your export documents team can send data across the interface multiple times as the shipment is being prepared, so your export team can get a head start on the electronic “paperwork”.

    Here are some of the documents that Abel customers are generating using Prodoc:
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Export Health Certificate
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Bill of Lading
    Together, Abel and Prodoc ensure a seamless connection so that your export documents can be created with maximum efficiency.