What is ERP & why do you need it?

  1. Enterprise

    Companies, Branches, Countries, Languages, Currencies, Indirect and direct tax regimes.

  2. Resource

    Customers, Cash, Suppliers, Stock, Inventory, Assets, Employees, Plant and Machinery Equipment.

  3. Planning

    Budgets, Forecasts, Cash Management, Manufacturing Scheduling, MRP and MRP II.

Abel delivers true Enterprise Resource Planning capability across all business functions in a single system.

A single database supporting multiple business units is key to realizing the benefits of an ERP system. Everyone has access to the same accurate, timely data to inform their decision-making and enable them to respond quickly to changing conditions. A well-designed ERP system ensures all your business intellectual property is stored in one place. It should have the ability to import email conversations and documents, so that all relevant information about your business and your trading relationships is kept safe and secure, stored in one place and made available to staff that need it. 

An ERP system like Abel integrates multiple functions into one complete system. It improves efficiency, reduces duplication (of data and of effort) and breaks down barriers between business units. It streamlines processes and information across the multiple business units and provides an enterprise-wide view of your entire organization. ERP software streamlines processes, and systems, it can dramatically lower the cost of doing business and can also enable the business to adopt more sophisticated business management techniques and remain competitive in a changing market.

Signs your Business is ready for an ERP System

If you’re struggling with your legacy system or with disparate systems and manual processes, you probably already know that your business is ready for an ERP system. Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Software

    You have multiple software packages and manual steps

  • Information

    You don’t have easy access to timely information about your business

  • Accounts

    Accounting processes take too long or require too much manual processing

  • Sales

    You’re having trouble staying competitive or meeting customer’s expectations

  • Continual Improvement

    You'd like to stay current and keep up with market demands

Why ERP is critical for your businesses

A Comprehensive ERP system like Abel® brings multiple business processes together, streamlines workflows, and provides a single source of data to support timely decision making. ERP provides you with a strong foundation on which to grow your business.

ERP systems vary in the business processes and functions they support. Abel provides a comprehensive set of business processes across these functional areas:
• Support for multiple companies, branches, locations, countries, currencies, languages and tax regimes within the one system
• Customer workflows, CRM and Sales through to accounts receivable
• Supply Chain / Purchasing workflow through to accounts payable
• Inventory and Warehouse management functionality to a recognized industry standard such as APICS
• For businesses that require robust batch tracking, a good ERP system provides full traceability of inputs and outputs to support critical quality processes and statutory requirements.
• Manufacturing and Scheduling with multiple configurable manufacturing processes
• Comprehensive, fully integrated Financials 

There are other advantages of an ERP system like Abel compared with multiple disparate systems and manual processes. A good ERP system: 
• Is fully integrated to enable critical business processes to work seamlessly with one another
• Provides the potential to automate repetitive business processes and workflows, improving productivity and reducing overheads
• Provides full visibility over operational and financial information, so managers can make timely decisions with confidence
• Is backed by experienced support staff and consultants who can help to transform your business as it grows
• Is flexible and scalable so it can grow and change with your business, from a single database to multiple databases distributed worldwide

Discover what modern ERP can do for your business

Now that you’ve got a good grasp on what ERP is, discover the ways that Abel® brings the best of what Enterprise Resource Planning has to offer to your business.

Abel delivers true Enterprise Resource Planning capability across all business functions installed in a single system. Our Licensing Model offers Abel users the benefit of selecting the functionality they need while retaining the option to easily expand usage as their business grows or requirements change.

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