We have created a workable license structure that is affordable and easily scalable as your business grows.
You can choose a one-time license plus annual maintenance or a monthly license including maintenance to suit your needs and budget.

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To start using Abel, you will need a software license which is structured according to the scale of your implementation. Our Software Licensing system gives you access to all Abel’s ERP functionality, so you can adopt as much of Abel’s functionality as you need when your business grows or as new releases become available.


  • Abel comes complete with its own Database Management Toolset that includes Abel Backup and Abel Client Server capability. These functions are all included in your license fee, so there is no need to purchase these expensive items separately.


  • We have structured our licensing so that you can see at all times what you are paying for and what components make up your License fees.
  • You can add additional license components as needed in increments as small as one.
  • Our monthly license option gives you a low cost of entry.

Software License Structure

Abel is licensed and charged per concurrent process and our pricing is based on how many of the following components you require:

  • Abel Base Kit
  • Concurrent End Users
  • Add-Ons (optional)

Example 1

A company with one main location and a small branch runs one instance of Abel with a license structure as follows:

Auckland Head Office
1 Abel Base Kit
20 Concurrent End Users
1 Add-On

Example 2

A company with two locations elects to run two instances of Abel, with a license structure as follows:

Melbourne Head Office Singapore Branch
1 Abel Base Kit 1 Abel Base Kit
30 Concurrent End Users 20 Concurrent End Users*
2 Add-Ons 2 Add-Ons

*Note: If you are sending totals to head office using Abel Corporate View then your Branch concurrent end users may need to allow for authorized Head Office users logging in to drill down on details of the totals.

Abel Base Kit

You will need one Abel Base Kit as a minimum. If you require multiple production Abel instances e.g. for multiple locations, then you will require additional Abel Base Kits. Our Abel Base Kit includes the Abel database and application server functionality and also processes, such as the Outbound Mail Server, Abel Backup and Scheduled Reports so that these processes never consume connections from your concurrent end user pool. Each Abel Base Kit entitles you to run one production Abel instance and multiple non-production Abel instances for your own in-house testing, training and other purposes.

Each Abel Base Kit requires the following components (Concurrent End Users and Add-Ons.)

Concurrent End Users

‘Concurrent End Users’ simply means the number of people who will be using a given Abel Instance at the same time either locally, remotely or via head office (i.e. the number of people logged in at the same time). Concurrent licensing is more economical than multiple individual software licenses as it allows a pool of licenses to be shared. This provides companies with greater flexibility and cost efficiency. For example, you might have 30 people who use Abel but you might only need to pay for 20 concurrent end user ‘seats’ because some people only require part time access, thus allowing them to time-share.

Our Concurrent End Users are just that, you only need to count and pay for the number of people who will be using Abel at the same time. Unlike other software products, our Concurrent End User pool is never compromised by server overheads or utilities consuming user pool capacity because our Abel Base Kit includes these.


Add-Ons are entirely optional. You just select and pay for the Add-Ons that your Abel instance requires:
Examples of Add-Ons are:

  • Add-On for Abel Email Interface
    The Abel Email Interface for Microsoft Outlook® which enables users to transfer emails into Abel and attach them to clients.
  • Add-Ons for Custom Items
    Custom items, developed for your unique requirements, may require add-ons if they need to connect to Abel independently. Some examples are: external interfaces with CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing software, mobile devices, or manufacturing equipment. Please discuss your requirements with your Abel Distributor.

Add-On for Abel Corporate View
The Corporate View Add-On is for installations with multiple production Abel instances and it enables you to automatically transfer data between them. Some examples:

  • Branch offices sending totals of financial data to head office
  • Head office drilling down on branch totals to view details of transactions in branch Abel instances
  • Automatic creation of inter-company documents in remote Abel instances
Refer Enterprise Management for more information.
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Software License Payment Options

Abel’s Software License and Maintenance fees are calculated for each Abel Instance using the three license components described above.

We offer two ways in which you can pay for your Abel Software License:

Monthly License

Our monthly license option enables you to subscribe to Abel without a large up-front cash outlay and your monthly payments are inclusive of maintenance, which provides you access to upgrades of Abel ERP. You only need to pay the monthly fee beginning on your go-live date.

You can add additional license components as your business grows and your needs change. You can also decrease license components if your needs change.

See Also: Implementation

One Time License plus Annual Maintenance

Our one-time license option gives you a lower cost of licensing over the long term. This option requires a one-time payment for the number of license components you require.

A separate annual maintenance fee is due at each anniversary date. Annual maintenance provides you access to upgrades of Abel ERP. If you require additional license components during the course of your licence term then you will need to pay an additional one-time fee for any additional license components. Your annual maintenance fee will also increase accordingly.


What our customers say:

  • Kyle Osborne

    Director - NZ Drinks

    "For NZ Drinks, automation was a great decision, and Abel’s robustness and flexibility provides us with a great foundation for growth,” Kyle says. “If we wanted to quadruple our business tomorrow, we wouldn’t have to change anything."

  • Peter O’Connor

    General Manager - Disc Brakes Australia

    "Once you configure Abel to suit your business processes, it just delivers. You get a system that can handle a very high level of complexity which would cost a lot more if you went anywhere else. I hate to think where we might have been today without Abel."

  • Cory Nielson

    Director of Information Technology - Alsco

    "Abel spent time getting to know how our business works and how to make us better. Our accountants are all amazingly surprised how much the new system has simplified their lives. We’ve already reduced the time for closing our monthly reports from nine or ten business days to four."

  • Matthew Metcalfe

    CEO - Dairy Products NZ

    "Abel was the most engaged company we met. Their attitude is very can-do. A whole team of Abel experts came out to understand our specialist equipment and ensure we got the best out of our system, and we have."

  • Andrew Turner

    Managing Director - Nautech Electronics

    "Abel gives us a forecasting advantage. It knows our future production and material requirements and it can predict our stock requirements and stock shortages, ensuring we can respond more quickly to customer orders"

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