We have created a workable license structure that is affordable and easily scalable as your business grows.
You can choose a one-time license plus annual maintenance or a monthly license including maintenance to suit your needs and budget.

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To start using Abel, you will need a software license which is structured according to the size of your business and scale of your implementation. Abel is licensed per concurrent process and our pricing is based on the number of licensed components required to run your business. Abel’s Software License provides access to all Abel’s functionality. You can adopt more of Abel’s functionality when your business grows, when your needs change or when new Abel functionality is released.


  • Abel provides Database Management functionality including Abel Backup and Abel Client Server capability. These functions are all included in your license fee, so there is no need to purchase these expensive items separately.


  • We have structured our licensing so that you can see at all times what you are paying for and what components make up your License fees.
  • You can add additional license components as needed in increments as small as one.
  • Our monthly license option gives you a low cost of entry.

Software License Structure

Abel is licensed per concurrent process and our pricing is based on the number of licensed components required to run your business:

  • Abel Base Kit
  • Concurrent End Users
  • Abel Mobile API Add-On (if using Abel’s mobile applications)
  • Concurrent Mobile Sessions (if using Abel’s mobile applications)
  • Add-Ons for optional functionality (if using – see below)

Abel Licensing Structure – Single Database

Abel Base Kit

You will need one Abel Base Kit as a minimum. If you require multiple production Abel instances e.g. for multiple locations, then you will require additional Abel Base Kits. Our Abel Base Kit includes the Abel database and application server functionality and processes, such as the Outbound Mail Server, Abel Backup and Scheduled Reports so that these processes never consume connections from your concurrent end user pool. Each Abel Base Kit entitles you to run one production Abel instance and multiple non-production Abel instances for your own in-house testing, training and other purposes.

Each Abel Base Kit requires the following components (Concurrent End Users and Add-Ons.)

Concurrent End Users

As a minimum, you will need ‘Concurrent End User’ licenses for the number of people who will be logged in to the Abel database at the same time.

Concurrent end user licensing allows a pool of licenses to be shared. For example, you might have 30 people who use Abel but you might purchase only 20 licenses as some people only need part-time access. You can subscribe to additional licenses as your needs change.

Abel Mobile API Add-On

The Abel Mobile API Add-On is for installations that run Abel mobile applications such as Mobile Warehouse. This Add-On enables Abel’s mobile / handheld applications to work with the Abel database. The number of mobile sessions that can connect to the Abel Database at the same time is controlled by the number of Concurrent Mobile Sessions that you have licensed.

Concurrent Mobile Sessions

Sites that use Abel Mobile Applications such as Mobile Warehouse, require the Abel Mobile add-on license and Concurrent Mobile Session licenses according to the number of mobile sessions that will be connected to the Abel server at the same time. This depends on the number of mobile devices you have, the number of Abel mobile applications that each of them runs and whether they all require full-time access.

Other Add-Ons

These Add-Ons are for optional functionality. You only pay for the add-ons required for the functionality you have selected:

  • Abel Email Interface for Outlook®
    The Abel Email Interface for Microsoft Outlook® which enables users to transfer emails into Abel and attach them to clients.
  • Abel Remote Approvals 
    The Remote Approval Plugin enables remote document approval functions by email and browser (e.g. Purchase Orders, Customer Quotes).
  • Abel EDI Interface
    Enables inbound web service EDI’s.
  • Abel Interface Timers 
    The Abel Interface Timers trigger periodic functions e.g. outbound EDIs.
  • Abel Interface for Expensify® 
    The Abel Interface for Expensify® automatically imports approved employee expenses and / or company credit card expenses from Expensify into Abel.
  • Abel Interface for TSheets® 
    Interface timer for TSheets mobile tracking.
  • Abel Web Interface  
    Generic API web service calls (xml, json) provide read/write comms to Abel’s database.
  • Abel Corporate View
    The Corporate View Add-On is for installations with multiple live Abel databases. It enables transfer of data between the databases to support inter-database functions and navigation including:
  • Enterprise financial management across multiple databases
  • Automated Inter-database trading
  • Inter-database navigation enables users to switch between databases

Refer Enterprise Management for more information.

  • Add-Ons for Custom Items 
    Custom items, for your unique requirements, may require add-ons if they connect to Abel independently. e.g. external interfaces with CAD software, mobile devices, or manufacturing equipment. Please discuss your requirements with us.
Abel Licensing Structure – Multiple Databases
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Software License Payment Options

We offer two ways in which you can pay for your Abel Software License:

  • Monthly Subscription License – an affordable, pay-as-you-go license
  • One Time License plus Annual Maintenance – a higher up-front payment with long-term lower cost of ownership

Monthly License

Our monthly license option enables you to subscribe to Abel without a large up-front cash outlay and your monthly payments are inclusive of maintenance, which provides you access to upgrades of Abel. You pay the monthly fee beginning on your go-live date.

You can add additional license components as your business grows and your needs change. You can also decrease license components if your needs change.

One Time License plus Annual Maintenance

Our one-time license option gives you a lower cost of licensing over the long term. This option requires a one-time payment for the number of license components you require.

A separate annual maintenance fee is due at each anniversary date. Annual maintenance provides you access to upgrades of Abel. If you require additional license components during your license term, then you will need to pay an additional one-time fee for any additional license components. Your annual maintenance fee will also increase accordingly.


What our customers say:

  • Chris Bowman

    Chief Executive - Cosana

    "“Without a doubt, we know Abel has all the flexibility and functionality we need to grow and succeed, as well as the support and innovation we might need along the way. The rest is up to us.” "

  • Paul Brown

    co-founder - Deep Creek Brewing Company

    "“Working with Abel went as well as I could expect. We changed from three different software systems to one integrated system and it was working perfectly within a month.”"

  • Gavin Thwaites

    Chief Executive Officer - Dairy Technology Services

    "We couldn’t be happier with Abel,” he says. “Automating our processes has made us so much more efficient. We have fewer people working on manual tasks, we’ve cut costs and we now have the traceability and visibility we needed across our business. That’s making it easier for the whole organization to succeed."

  • NZ Drinks


    "For NZ Drinks, automation was a great decision, and Abel’s robustness and flexibility provides us with a great foundation for growth, if we wanted to quadruple our business tomorrow, we wouldn’t have to change anything."

  • Disc Brakes Australia


    "Once you configure Abel to suit your business processes, it just delivers. You get a system that can handle a very high level of complexity which would cost a lot more if you went anywhere else. I hate to think where we might have been today without Abel."

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