Bills of Materials in Abel

Posted on 07.08.2023 by Rik

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Abel’s Bills of Materials (BOMs) contain lists of Materials and also Work Centers, Operator Instructions, Options, Sub-BOMs and some scheduling settings (parallel, queue points etc.)

There are two main types of BOM in Abel, Static BOMs and Designer BOMs:

  • Static BOMs are standard template Bills of Materials for manufacturing. Static BOMs define the possible materials and steps that are typically used for a making something. They include nominal quantities, placeholders for options such as colors, and links to sub-BOMs.

  • Designer BOMs are normally built from Static BOMs and can be altered to become actual Bills of Materials for specific manufactures attached to Customer Quotes, Customer / Branch Orders and related Manufacturing documents. They include actual quantities, actual options such as the chosen color. Linked Sub-BOMs are copied in and are usually fully exploded, so Designer BOMs contain all the sub-BOM lines as well. Designer BOMs progress through the document chain to the resulting manufacturing document.

This example of BOM Maintenance shows an Inventory item’s static BOM and the Inventory items that use it:

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