Group Similar Orders For Efficiency with Abel

Posted on 01.11.2023 by Rik

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Adding to our recent Shop Orders blog, some Abel customers use Shop Orders to group similar orders for efficiency in their plant. Shop Orders are an “umbrella” structure used to bring related manufactures together so you can manage them more easily. It’s unusual to group orders for different customers. But it makes perfect sense for some manufacturing operations.

Let’s say we’ve created a Shop Order to make un-labelled jars of Breakfast Marmalade. In this operation, the un-labelled jars are a raw material used to make labelled marmalade for Ireland or Canada.

  1. The Shop Order is for un-labelled Breakfast Marmalade
  2. Click Select Plant to find outstanding customer orders that contain the same raw material
  3. Abel adds the orders you select to the Shop Order

The Shop Order now contains the original production run of un-labelled marmalade and four plant orders for labelled marmalade for different customers in Canada, Ireland, Australia and Japan:

Image shows Abel ERP - Group Similar Orders For Efficiency in the Plant