Consume Oldest Stock First with Abel’s FEFO Picking.

Posted on 20.06.2023 by Rik

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Abel’s First Expiry – First Out picking (FEFO picking) helps operations that consume perishable raw materials in their manufacturing processes.  With FEFO picking, you can easily pick perishable inventory based on its expiry date.

Abel stores a “Use Date” for perishable stock. For items that have a use date, Abel’s despatch, pick and requisition processes offer batch-controlled stock with the earliest Use Dates first, so items that expire first are used first.

This example shows a customer despatch with batch tracked stock that has a Use Date. The ‘Batches’ screen shows batches in Use Date order. Abel can be configured to automatically offer the oldest use dates first.

The operator can either confirm or amend the suggested selections either individually or all at once.  Alternatively, if the operator needs to undo and redo the allocation before posting a document, e.g. due to stock movement,  they can easily clear and then re-load Abel’s suggested allocation.

Abel’s FEFO picking helps you better manage your perishable inventory. If traceability is important to your business, read our GMP Dairy case study.